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To Know Us


After doing volunteer work in 2003, and working with a Community Based Organization from 2004 -2010, Joe Gichuki the Director of Networks for Voluntary Services called together 6 individuals to respond to the call of the needy Communities within Kenya and hence formed this organization. We saw the great needs that orphans, destitute children and people living with AIDS had and we were moved to look for means and ways of helping them to ultimately become self reliant. Therefore, we proceeded on to register this organization with the government of Kenya. Initially, we received a lot of help from churches around Nairobi and its environs. We have been able to mobilize young people to join us as we help the needy in both word and practical ways. Apart from mobilizing and recruiting volunteers, we are also involved in feeding the hungry, helping orphans get education, community projects and help ex-street young men get technical skills to help them get some form of employment.


NVS aspires to end the cycle of poverty in Kenya by working with grass root organizations to fund educational opportunities for children and their caregivers


NVS serves the vulnerable and orphaned children in various ways to help them grow to the point where they will become self reliant. Our programs include a plan to empower not only the children, but also their guardians as well.


Networks for Voluntary Services (NVS) is a registered charitable organization based in Kenya, East Africa that is run by a team of volunteers. NVS been established to give people from Kenya and around the world the opportunity to do volunteer work in Kenya, and also work in community initiated projects. These projects include orphanages, HIV/AIDS projects, child education and many more. Our work is to identify the need and place the volunteer appropriately.

What we Volunteer in include :



     Special Need Care

     Women Education

     Teaching Maasai Land