Coservation Project

Wildlife Conservation Project

N.V.S. collaborates with various wildlife conservation projects in Kenya together with other wildlife conservationists in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife service. The wildlife conservation of animals like the elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopard, lion, grazers like impalas, gazelles, elands, jackals and giraffes have the following volunteer activities:

Volunteers Activities

     Conducting wildlife counts

     De-snaring alongside the wildlife rangers

     Sanctuary maintenance

     Guiding tourists on where the wild animals are

     Giving talks to hoteliers on wildlife conservation

     Working on various water projects for the benefit of people and wildlife

     Waking elephant dung paper that can be sold to visitors

     Giving talks to tourists on animal behaviors in the sanctuary and importance of conservation

     Road improvements to enable anti-poaching patrols to access all areas of the sanctuary

     Making bush patrols and game drives together with game rangers

     Developing and running environmental education

Volunteers, alongside sanctuary staff will also do research on sustainable solutions to the conflict and develop alternative source of income for the communities.